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        Section                     Subject

1.                                   REGISTRATION

2.                                   TEAMS

            3.                                   VENUES

            4.                                   MATCHES

            5.                                   MARKERS/SCORERS

            6.                                   GAMES

            7.                                    RESULT SHEETS

            8.                                    CATERING

            9.                                   CAPTAINS

            10.                               SECRETARY

            11.                               TREASURER

            12.                               COMMITTEE

            13.                        TROPHIES


The issuance of these rules is based on the belief that the more rules there are, the less arguments will arise, thus enhancing our social rewards.

It is expected of all members that they will abide by these rules, never the less, it is expected that the need for quoting rules to support open “public” arguments will never have cause to arise.

The emphasis of the league is on social commitment, rather than on brilliance on the dartboard, and disregard of rules should never be adopted in an attempt to swing a match or an individual win. This can only cause annoyance to individuals, teams or the committee.

Win at all costs is not the league’s philosophy, nor is it condoned. Far better to lose gracefully than to win at all costs. However, it is expected that each player will be given the best of order when involved in his/her game.

Upholding of the rules is the responsibility of all members, enforcing the rules is the responsibility of the secretary and committee, but far better to sort your own little problems out yourselves and doing this in a friendly way is not difficult.

Good luck

John Martin

1.     Registration

 1.1      A maximum of 12 players may be registered for a fee of KD 60 per team. Additional players may be registered over and above the 12 at an additional fee of KD 6 per additional player.

 1.2        No fees are refundable.

 1.3            Newly registered players, not forging Rule 1.1 must pay the fee, unless they are replacing an  outgoing player who has been deregistered prior to the new player signing.

1.4              Players may register/deregister for or from any team as provided by Section 2, Rule 2.9

1.5             To both Captains, The Captain of the team the player(s) are leaving or transferring to another team MUST give six (6) clear days notice to the secretary, of their intention to deregister in keeping with             Rule 2.9, but must pay another KD 6 registration fee, in keeping with Rule 1.3, unless exempted by             Rule 2.8.

 1.6              A person is only registered on the understanding that he or she agrees to abide by league rules fully.

 2.                 Teams

2.1              Teams will consist of minimum six (6) men and two (2) ladies.

2.2              Players registered for a team may comprise any proportion of men or Ladies providing Rule 2.1 is observed.

2.3              In the men's games, no player may play more than one singles game and one doubles game (Total two (2) games) in any one match.

2.4              In the ladies games, a team game should consist of a minimum of two Players, and the opposition have the right to play an equal number of Players if they so choose.

2.5              Any number of ladies my be played in any of the ladies games, not Foregoing Rule 2.4. It is not mandatory to have an equal number of players on both sides, but players should play in strict rotation with their own team.

2.6              Registered players may not play with any team other than the one with whom they are registered.

2.7              Ladies registered in Rule 2.2 may be played as substitutes in the men’s Games but are limited to Rule 2.3 in the men’s games, but this has no Affect on their status in the ladies games. Ladies can not substitute for a man in mixed games and they can only play one mixed game.

2.8              All team players must be registered/deregistered. Deregistering a player entitles a team to register without charge, a new recruit as a

replacement but only for the deregistered player. Additional players may be signed at any stage of the progressing season, but will be levied in accordance with Rules section 1.

2.9              Registered players may transfer to another team if they so wish providing the secretary is given six (6) clear days notice by that player.

2.10          Players not already registered with a team may be played in a match on the match night subject to Rule 1.1.

2.11          If a player is signed up on the match night, the signing up captain must advise the opposing captain and the opposing Captain must agree, that this is the case and the match result sheet for that match must have a note to that effect.

3.       Venues

 3.1            Venues for matches will be provided by home teams, that is, teams to the left of the weekly fixture lists.

 3.2            There is no hard and fast rule for the quality of the venue, it is accepted that each team has its own  unique problems, but every effort should be made to provide a congenial throwing area.

 3.3             Darts boards/throwing areas should be located away from essential movement areas that is, toilets,  kitchen, hallways, entranceways and frequently used doors.

3.4              Only good quality bristle darts boards should be provided, paper darts boards and cheap composite boards are strictly forbidden.

3.5              The colours of the darts boards segments must be of good contrast, and darts boards with high light reflective wires, i.e., chrome plated, must not be used. (Wires, which dazzle).

3.6              The 20 segments must be of the darker colour.  

3.7              The darts board must be adequately illuminated with its own dedicated light. It is not essential to use a spot lamp, an old-fashioned goose or swan neck lamp works just as well if not better, but it must have at least a 100watt bulb installed.

3.8              Boards will be fixed rigidly without rocking or wobbling, at a height of 5ft 8inches(1.73m), from the centre of the bull to the floor or carpet.

3.9              Two oche, (throwing lines), will be provided. One for the men at 7ft 9.25inches(2.37m), measured from the perpendicular face of the dartboard along the floor and square to the board. Another oche will be provided 6inches(15cm), forward of the mens oche for the ladies, that is 7ft 3.25inches from the same datum as the mens oche. As a checking reference only. The hypoteneuse between the bull and the mens oche is 115.5inches(2.94m).

3.10          The oche will measure a minimum of 24 inches (60cm) long equally distributed about the perpendicular centre line of the bull.

3.11          When a board and the throwing area is located alongside a wall, sufficient space must be provided between the oche and the wall for the benefit of those players who throw standing off centre.

3.12          Children under 16 years of age should not be present during the match.

4.                Matches

 4.1       Matches will be played in accordance with the current fixture list.

 4.2       The home team is the team on the left hand side of the weekly fixture list.

4.3       In general, only under extreme extenuating circumstances and with exceptionally good reason may a match be postponed. Absence of a good player(s) is not a good reason and is NOT permitted. Six ladies may be used as substitute for man if the men have a shortage of players; therefore a match can go on with all ladies or any proportion of ladies to men in the men's matches. If insufficient players are available, then as may games as possible should be played with walkovers for games unable to be played.

4.4       The home captain will advise the away captain of the location of the match venue at least three days before the match night, but this is a minimum and it is far more amicable to advise this at least a week before.

4.5       If a team cannot be contacted for match arrangements, the secretary should Be notified at least 2             days before the starting time of the match.

4.6       At least two weeks notice must be given to the opposing captain and the secretary if a match postponement is required and the match must be played before the match date or within two weeks after the match date if this can be agreed amicably between the two captains and the secretary. (See rule 4.3). If a team has good reason as in rule 4.3, then it is expected that the opposing team will accommodate them, but the postponing team must accept one of three dates given by the non-postponing team.

4.7       The secretary not only has the right to question the validity of the postponement, but also is required to do so as part of his job.

4.8       Both teams must have their team line up scribed on a match result sheet before the starting time of the match, (8pm). Unless agreed between both captains before start time.

4.9       Each team captain will transcribe the players names from the opposing captains result sheet on to their own and keep the records of play going through the match.

4.10     Both captains are responsible for getting the match started on time even if all players are not immediately available. When scribing the sheets, this requirement should be given full consideration. It is unfair on the opposition’s players to ask them to bring their players forward or push them back.

4.11     Both captains will confer after the match and together complete and sign the match sheet.

4.12     As a guideline, the home team should provide the markers/scorers, but this is by no means a rigid rule.

4.13     Drugs that are considered as non-beverage in league terms are strictly forbidden at any league match venue, regardless of the venue being home or away. This includes soft and hard drugs.

4.14     Rule 4.13 applies equally to other league venues, whether social or semi-social

5.                 Markers/Scorers

 5.1       The home team should provide the markers/scorers, but this is not a rigid rule, (See Rule 4.12).

5.2       Scoreboards should be placed where they can be easily seen by the player on the oche, whilst he is in his throwing stance without the need for him/her to move or turn their head awkwardly.

5.3       Results of throws will be marked large enough for a player to easily read from the oche.

5.4       Scores of each dart thrown, or what the player has left after each dart must not be called out unless that player, and only that player, asks.

5.5       If a player asks what he has scored, or what he has left, the chalker must inform him/her.

5.6       The scorer will not record any points on the scoreboard for any game, until the player has completed his three dart throw. Immediately thereafter, the scorer will record the players throw score and the remaining score for that player.

5.7       The scorer will face the board, without undue movement, during a players throw and must not turn to look at a player during his throw.

5.8       When a player has thrown his three darts the scorer should call the score to the player who should not remove his darts unless or until he is satisfied the call is correct.

5.10     In keeping with Rule 5,9 and once the player have removed his darts, the scorer’s call is final and no argument will be entered into.

5.11     It is not mandatory for a player to throw all three darts during regular scoring if he so chooses.

6.               Games

 6.1  General

6.1.1    All scoring darts must reach the board. A dart that penetrates a preceding dart and stays in that dart, the point not reaching the board, does not score.

6.1.2    if a dart is deflected and “lies” across another dart, even though not penetrating the board, will score if the point is touching the board, (Not wire).

6.1.3    If a dart is deflected under a wire, the score of the segment which was first entered counts, not the score of the segment where the point is penetrating or touching, not forging Rule 6.1.2.

6.1.4    Darts that fall out of the board will not count unless the total score has been called or recorded by the scorer.

6.1.5    All games will be started by the opposing players throwing for nearest to the bull, with one penetrating dart each, the nearest to the bull starting the game.

6.1.6    Nearest to the bull means just that. Darts which enter the 25 circle are counted as nearest to the bull’s eye. The twenty-five is not a bull’s eye. If both darts enter the 25, then the dart nearest to the bull wire, no matter where that lies, is the winning dart.

6.1.7       The home player will throw for bull first.

6.1.8    When game consists of more than one leg, i.e. best-three, the second leg will be started by the loser of the first leg, (Mugs away). When applicable, the third leg or final leg will be started by throwing for nearest to the bull with the away player throwing for bull first.

6.1.9        In deciding Rule 6.1.5 et sec, no matter how close the decision is as to which dart is nearest the bull, neither dart must be straightened up or touched. The decision will be made without touching the darts, at the point of entry of the darts into the board, that is, where the point can be seen at the surface of the board.

6.1.10  The scorer and the players will strictly observe Rule 6.1.9. The scorer and the players will strictly observe Rule 6.1.9. The scorer’s decision is final. Any doubt in deciding the nearest, the throw will be taken again.

6.1.11  If a dart shaft or flight is damaged or broken during a game, and cannot be very quickly repaired without holding the game up for more than a few seconds, a replacement dart must be used immediately.

6.1.12  The bull is valued a fifty (50), and in all games, counts as double or two 25’s.

6.2        “01” Games.

            6.2.1    “01” Games will start straight in and finish on the required double. But rule applies.

6.2.2        Legs or games will start at 301 and the score is progressively Deducted after each throw, to the finishing double.

6.2.3        Men's match single games will consist of six (6) “301” games, best -of- Three.

            6.2.4    Ladies match games will consist of 1 game “301”, best -of- Three and 1 game “501” on leg (Sudden Death).

6.3       Mickey-mouse Games

6.3.1        Mickey-mouse games will be played on the numbers 20 through to and including 12, plus 25’s and bull.

6.3.2        Before scoring can commence on any number, three of that number are required first, scoring can then be effected on that number, at any stage of the game. Once both players/teams have obtained three of a number, no further scoring can be made on that number.

6.3.3        If both players/teams have acquired three of each number, including 25’s/bulls, and the scores are even, then the player/team that closes All numbers first is deemed t he winner.

6.3.4        Men's match doubles games will consist of two mickey-mouse, one leg only (sudden death).

            6.3.5    Ladies match games will consist of one team game mickey – mouse, one leg only, (sudden                         death)

            6.3.6    Two mix doubles Mickey Mouse games will be played-one leg only (sudden death).  

7.                 Result Sheets

7.1               Both Teams of a match will complete a match result sheet for each match.

7.2       Both teams will complete the players full names (not nicknames) section of the match result sheet prior to the starting time of the match and both captains or his representative will scribe the other teams players names onto his own sheet prior to the start of the match.

7.3       It is the responsibility of all team captains to provide clear accurate result sheets, where all good scores, starts and finishes or unusual happenings that may take place on the evening, for interesting media reports, and this includes good throws in mickey-mouse games, and in particular, for the ladies.

7.4       Both captains must sign the result sheets after all match information has been recorded. There is nothing to stop a team adding comments to his own sheet after the signing, but match records should only be amended in consultation with the opposing team captain.

7.5       The home captain is responsible for faxing or handing a match result sheet in to the secretary within twenty-four hours of the match, but ideally on the day after. However, both teams should make the effort to copy a sheet in. If faxing/handing a sheet in is difficult then a phone call to the secretary will do just as well.

8.                Catering  

8.1       The minimum catering requirements are bread, butter, cheese and pickles.

8.2       There is no maximum limit to the food quality and variety that a team can provide for a match night, but this entirely at the discretion of the home team and no reciprocation is expected.

8.3              Vegetarians should be considered, but it is the responsibility of  The away team to advise the home team that they have vegetarians and in good time.

8.4       Beverages special. Reserved. Wine any flavor, Sid or eth

8.5       Soft drinks and mixers should be provided and should include cola, lemon, tonic and soda, diet cola, 7-up or lemonade.

9.                Captains

9.1       Each team will appoint a captain whose basic qualification should be access to a phone and willingness to do the job.

9.2       The captain will be responsible for communicating with the secretary and other team captains.

9.3       The captain will ensure that his/her team members are familiar with and adhere to the league rules and semblance of order and respect at all matches and league occurrences.

9.4.1        The captain will keep his team informed of discussions and arising at official league meetings, and of presenting their view, and not just his own at league meetings.

9.5       The captain undertakes to keep the secretary fully informed of match arrangements outside of the fixture list, of the match/game results and faxing/handling/phoning in the results of a match within 24 hours of it taking place.

9.10          The captain will undertake committee duties as required.

9.11     All players should show team captains the respect they deserve, they do an excellent, often frustrating job, ask yourself, would you do it?                                                                                                                                            

10.    Secretary

10.1     The secretary will ensure the smooth running of the league and coordinate committee meetings as required.  

10.2     The secretary will uphold the rules as written. Disputes   between teams not covered by league rules including disputes that affect match/game results will be arbitrated by an extraordinary committee             meeting.

10.3          The secretary will maintain a complete record of all match results and individual achievements.

10.4          The secretary will compile league tables on a weekly   basis.

10.5          The league secretary will provide each team with a copy of league rules and copies of result sheet  proformas, each team being responsible for reproducing their own sheets for matches.

10.6          The secretary will ensure that all efforts are exerted to provide media coverage.

10.7          The secretary will chair league meetings, or appoint an iocum tenons in his absence with first refusal             offered to the treasurer.

10.8          The secretary has the casting vote at committee meetings.

11.           Treasurer

11.1     The treasurer will maintain all league business accounts and keep them up to date.

11.2     The treasurer will maintain an account with a bank as approved by the Kuwait Darts League.

11.3     The treasurer will report on the status of the treasury at league meetings, and raise statements of accounts at the half term and full term periods of the current league.

11.4          The treasurer will report outstanding accounts to    the secretary to follow up with the debtor.

11.5          The treasurer will stand in for the secretary in his absence.

11.6     Neither the treasurer nor the secretary will reveal the statement of accounts to third parties unless there is a good and valid reason to do so.

11.7     Unless a captain himself, the treasurer will also attend all league meetings and be allowed to express his point of view. Unless a team captain, he  does not have the right to vote unless in keeping with rule 10.7.

 12                Committee

 12.1     The committee will be formed by the team captains under the chairmanship of the league secretary.  

12.2          The committee will arbitrate disputes and be empowered to make urgent rule changes or additions for the betterment of the league.

12.3     The committee will convene at regular intervals to discuss both agendered and non-agendered topics and to pave the way for league improvements.

12.4          At arbitration, the committee will comprise of at least 75% (Rounded down), of team captains, not including captains of the teams in dispute.

12.5          Captains of the teams in dispute are not permitted to sit at the committee meetings during arbitration.

12.6          If necessary, a team captain may delegate his/her representative, who must be a registered member of that team, to sit in at committee meetings, not forgoing Rule 12.5, providing adequate notice is given to the secretary.

12.7          The chairman has the casting vote.

12.8          The committee consists of a representative of each team in the league and therefore each team venue, thus ensuring that unique situations for each team are considered. It is therefore the duty of each committee member to report back to his/her team, and to represent his or her points of view.   


Only Registered players at the end of the season are eligible to received Trophies.

1. Captain’s K.O.

a)      1st and 2nd place

2. Knockouts

    a)    Men’s Singles 1st and 2nd.

b)      Ladies Doubles 1st and 2nd.

c)      Mixed Doubles 1st and 2nd.

d)      Men’s High Finish.

e)      Ladies High Finish.

f)       140’s and 180’s.

 3. Mickey Mouse games

a)      4 Bulls with three darts in one throw.

b)      Any combination of 3 Triples and Cherry Bull in one throw.

4. Men’s trophies

a)       140

b)       180

c)       High Finish

5. Ladies trophies

a)      101

b)      140

c)      180

d)      High Finish

6. First, Second and Third place.

7. Wooden Spoons.

8. Knockout playoff championship.