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Welcome to the

Harrows Darts Shop

The shop has moved now to Fahaheel Sea Club



Magnum 97% Tungsten Darts     KD 19.5                                                Gyro 80% Tungsten Darts     KD 8.5


Zone 90% Tungsten Darts     KD 15                                                Dimplex EGZ 80% Tungsten Darts     KD 10.5

Assissin 80% Tungsten Darts              KD 8.5


                Voodoo Darts      KD 3.750                                               Black Arrow Darts                      KD 3

Marathon Flight                KD 0.500

If you require any Darts, Boards, Stems or any other Harrows accessories, please contact 

Marc: 9731859

Kate : 6688753

Or email at

The shop at Fahaheel Sea Club will be open:

                                 Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Wednesday   5:00 to 8:00 pm

                                 Thursday   02:00 to 10 pm